Germán Consetti (Cordoba, Argentina, 1975) is a sculptor. Since 2000, he has been living and working in Barcelona.

He studied Literature at the UNRC University, and drawing with cartoonist Yabar. For the artist, both these disciplines became useful tools for the visualization and creation of sculptures.

Consetti’s seeks to reveal the fantastic and dreamlike images that inhabit our subconscious. He materializes universal symbols, which belong to religions, myths and legends. Archetypes that define our collective imagination.

As an artist, he has always been interested in funerary art.

Death was, probably, mankind’s first enigma; while also being its first contact with transcendence. It triggered human’s need to explain all the disconcerting phenomena that lay out of reason’s reach.

It is through the manipulation of different materials in his work – he handles metal, wood, ceramics, and other organic materials – that he explores this human impulse. That led him to find his working method, which involves leaving all aesthetic research aside, and focusing on the emotions that underlie behind the elements.

The author pursues art’s essence, with a desire to bypass all apparent reality. He shares, with that primitive human, the impulse to produce images. Images that weaved bridges with an unordinary reality; a space occupied by priests, wizards and shamans who brought light to the spiritual concerns of their people.

During the last few years, he has exhibited his works in both solo and collective exhibitions in Barcelona, and has explored themes such as the life cycle of matter, the journey, or death. He also teaches courses on metalwork applied to the artistic creation.